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Today we've continued with the cabinet. The tray for the illuminated marquee at the top of the cabinet is ready. I'm going to install a 50 cm led light bar, that'll spotlighting the banner from behind. We also mounted 4 stable, height-adjustable feet so that the machine can be simply moved. The front service door is attached with concealed hinges. When it's necessary I can quickly maintain the PC and the audio amplifier. The assembly of the flap was contrary to our expectations amazing easy to handle - on the adjustment of concealed hinges supposedly dissertations were written ;)

Finally, I drilled 4 holes with a lock saw at the top and at the bottom of the rear panel for ventilation. I had already ordered the matching ventilation grille in advance. The PC won't work at full load later, but also the monitor emits some heat and with the vent holes I'm on the safe side.

height-adjustable feet

maintenance door at the front, mounted with concealed hinges

 We drilled the hole for the hinge with the proper center bit

Rear panel with holes for the ventilation

The ventilation grilles will be mounted after the varnishing

LED light bar for the marquee. If one 50 cm element won't be enough, I can cascade another element

I had to test it: Let there be light! I'm curious how it will look like with the banner ;)