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Of course, the arcade art on the cabinet may not be missing. Again, I decided to adapt the templates from Kønig Sørensen. Only regarding the sideart I'm still not sure what I should do. Maybe I'll take the official MAME logo in orange color for the side parts - that would match the orange-red design from the front. I'll pay attention for that at later timer.

But where to print the arcade-sticker? You can find many print services on the Internet, but I also asked some local companies. And it turned out that online shopping does not have to be always cheaper than the local dealer. The company van den Hooven in Nordhorn made me a great offer, the prints look really great and the printing was finished in no time.


from top: Marquee, 2x Controlpanel front, Controlpanel, Kickplate

Speaker-Panel, with 10 cm Pioneer 2-way loudspeaker