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After the paint had dried, I could take care of the stickers. That was quite a fumbling until the stickers sat correct and no bubbles were present - my respect to all advertising technicians who do this with much larger films. Good thing the stickers from van den Hooven are so stable - they had to suffer a lot. What's missing is the sticker for the marquee at the top of the cab. I accidentally ordered a wrong sticker that is not translucent.

Now I could install the speakers - I'm using Pioneer TS-G1022i 2-way speakers in conjunction with a subwoofer, which will be installed in the bottom of the cab. The LED lighting is now installed. Additionally, I have glued aluminium foil at the sides for better illumination of the marquee at the sides.

Finally, I 've built the monitor apart to paint the silver frame casing with black spray paint. Thus, later the monitor casing doesn't attract attention behind the Plexiglas panel.

It looks better with the Artwork

Marquee with aluminium foil

LED lighing - nice and bright

Varnishing of the monitor frame