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In the beginning I planned to realize the nudging with two other buttons next to the flipper buttons. Although there are different approaches for real nudging, eg with mercury switches, but they seem difficult to calibrate. 

Also I wanted to install only a ball start button, instead of a plunger. Then I came across an interesting solution by Michael (Meier1971) in a German Pinball bulletin board, who developed an interesting all-in-one controller "PinControl 1". When Michael wrote, that he's going to develope a mini version "Pinana 1" only with analog plunger and nudging function, I was ready for a beta test immediately. 

The compact board is equipped with an Arduino Micro, an acceleration sensor, an USB port and 3 connections for an analog potentiometer. You can use a longer 10k slide potentiometer which is mechanically attached to the plunger. The controller calibrates itself when switching power on - it's only necessary to enable and cofigure the features in Visual Pinball under "Preferences -> Keys -> Plunger". 

Depending on the pinball table used, the plunger can be pulled and released - or pressed at tables with automatic firing. Below you'll find a video from me with the loose controller board in an unassembled state - and a video of the PinControl 1 from Michael in an installed state (plunger and nudging functions are shown from 3:15 minutes, these functions are supported by the small version "Pinana 1").

Michael currently looking for a sales channel for both controllers - the small version "Pinana 1" for plunger and nudging will cost about 90, - EUR - and for that you get a very good, workable solution, including detailed operating instructions. If you are interested, you can contact Michael directly by email: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein.

Thanks to Michael for the support!

analog plunger and nudging with PinAna 1