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Because the Samsung UE40D5000 LED TV display panel is about 16 mm too wide, I had to mill out a 8 mm groove with a router on the right and the left side of the pinball cabinet. The wood is 19 mm thick, so there was enough material left. The LED TV now fits perfectly into the groove. The panel reaches almost the lockdown bar and above the display panel are still a few inches left - enough space for the 5 planned LED flasher. I've cut a total of 30 mm deep in 3 passes, so between the panel and glass still some air can circulate.

It was the first time for me using a router, but I'm pretty happy with the result - especially since I haven't destroyed the router and the cutter head in my attempts ;)

Many thanks to Henk Reitmann for the item on loan!

full concentration ;)

a clean groove...

the led panel fits perfect into the pinball cab