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After a summer break, I'm going to proceed with the Vpin. Penultimate week I finally received the PinLED DMD (Dot Matrix Display) to displaying the highscore. At this point, again thanks to Sven Bernhardt from vpin-shop.de for the great support in the procurement. The DMD is connected through the PinDMD V2 board via USB to the PC and will be mounted below the backglass monitor in the pinball backbox. The DMD results in a more realistic pinball feeling as with a normal monitor, but the hardware has its price.

Initially I had problems installing the USB driver for the PinDMD - apparently the communication with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports on newer motherboards doesn't work well. The problem was solved with an additional USB card with VIA chipset - so it worked out perfectly.

Below you find a first video of the monitor setup. The playfield lies loose on the table, in the back the backglass monitor and on the right side the DMD

PinLED DMD Dotmatrix Display