Today it was time for drilling and sawing. In addition to the existing standard flipper buttons I installed buttons for "magna save". Pinball tables such as the "Black Knight" using them for keeping the ball draining into the outer lanes. For the holes I had to drill gently about 1 cm deep with a center bit and do the rest of the breakthrough with a 16 mm drill. The 40 years old and quite dirty flipper buttons were replaced with new, original white buttons - finally, I want to keep the old "Little Joe" style.

Then I cutted the large openings for the subwoofer and the two lower fans in the base plate. Two more fans will be installed later in the backbox, that ensures a sufficient cooling. Finally, I was able to install an IEC socket for the power supply.

 hole for the magna save button

pinball button and beneath the magna save button

Logitech Z4 subwoofer

IEC socket

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