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escucos Little JoeWhen turning on the machine, the installed Windows 7 is booted and the Visual Pinball frontend PinballX for the selection of the pinball tables is started using Auto Run. As with my DIY arcade videogame machine "escucos mame" I want to show a short intro video before starting the frontend to make the machine more individual. My nick is "escuco" almost everywhere and the pinball is an old "Little Joe" from Bally, so the homemade project from now on should be called "escucos Little Joe". Someone developed the logo for me (I know, the pinball fingers aren't authentic). Below you'll find the intro video and a small outro, which will be played at shutdown from the machine. Both videos can always be skipped by pushing the plunger.

Intro video at startup from the pinball machine.


Outro video when shutting down the machine.